umm, 4th? Loki member, only rige member left.. hmm, kinda sad actually =) Karl is gay, Z can't snipe and hetz chews the big fat one.

anyways, getting on we had heaps o fun around Z's pubity and his 6 week suspension (lol) untill we decided to cut the baggage and form another clan, moo. Karl and myself wanted [hahaha] but it never happened :( RJ suggested Clan Sausage which I was all for but Fen is an ugly old melon head.

Soon after Karl left we became a much better clan =) and were pulling off good wins and surprising ourselves regularly at how close we always were to the top few (cept te). People came and gone untill we finally had the 8 and half.

Fenrir (bald gimp) ClownBoy (university gun, lol) Shivan (scared of lans, I'LL GET YOU SON!) Beer (penis) Kamikaze (less said the better) Darkmane (perdere! eeeeeeeeeeee) Shilka (pimpin it huge in the states) Reaver (sexc indian) and our mascot (half) JAEBEE! (i wanna boof ya)

at tfl we SPANKORED. efvee was the highlight for me. the pimple faced dorks and gay2 were owned on 2f5 and very luck not to have lost on well6. (we had flag outside, map ended) oh yea, and i got 93 kills in rr =) alot of people were surprised by how well we did. twas all team work. having the loudest and most abnoxious (spelling?) people in your clan is good for communication at lans =) after tfl we hit our shit on the net and really clicked. owning xf heaps was a highlight, but you tell it to em these days and they seem to think they raped us? o well im being a bitch =)

bleh this is gettign long, anyways moo ripped hard and im glad i was one of the originals that kicked off what was one of the best tf clans in oz. and in the process made some good mates.

tata, beer.