Well i was still at school when i fist started quaken with these guys so it must of been almost 3 years ago when i joined -(l0ki)- (after many runs with about 10 other clans the laters ones included FeS and AD) anyway at the time they where the best clan in oz (argueably). Dont think we ever did play -te-... But soon things went sour alot of players lost dedication, one of the founders of the clan dissappeared and the clan went through a long period in inactivity when i was recruited. After awhile if became apparent that if the clan was ever going to go anywhere it needed to shead the excess baggage and so out of -(l0ki)- a new clan was spawned with new rules, no wankers and no inactivity. Back then we where all on the one ISP and only 2 or 3 of the members where still in their teens with a few members having a family which sometimes got in the way of quake.

And so Moo was born and a new recruit ClownBoy was added to the strong lineup of Shilka, BeeR (who had just changed his name from Grim) Goo (from ICBM) Zel (also from ICBM) Fenrir, rj, tetsuo, Victim, Mic, HerTzer (tho he never played after the birth of his first child) and me darkmane. Everything started to go great we started to win matches and started to claw our way back up and we were really making a name for our selves. I rember one clan challenged us to a war after calling Fenrir a newbie only to later say "oh, you guys beat XF. Were not ready to war you yet..." So everything was great until one day a game called EverQuest came along! Which was disasterous for Moo one by one members left claiming quake was dying and its time to move on and we were left with 4 full time members. At the same time a decent clan AW died luckly for us we sucked up half the clan. Shivan, Cable(raver), savage (later kicked coz he was a fag sometimes). Along with some new recruits jballs, weq, kami (stolen from WC) & Dejavu a female member(who was also later kicked much to the delight of CB coz she was a bitch) It took a long time for the new clan the gel but eventually after weeding out the problem members and after a few other members came and went (like haggas) we ended up with a clan of only 8 members, and every sunday we would have a match and we would get those 8 members to the game, no prac's, no need to arrange posisitions and there was much ownage to be had, and every1 was so very happy indeed. Around the same time the TF Lannage was held. Unfortunatly i was unable to attend because i went to schoolies :( But we ended up finishing 3rd overall and placed 2nd loosing only 1 match (which was VERY tight to the champs) out of the whole of OZ. Clans even came from WA to attend the meet.

So now a few of us are left as we move onto quake3. Goo, Beer and Darkmane are all that are left from the original l0ki bunch all those years ago. And i can see the new Moo rising to the top of the OZ q3f rankings in no time at all.

Highlights- Winning the SGL lan way back in the -(l0ki)- outfit almost 3 years ago! Check out the sgl LAN site which i saved.