For all of you who dont know Fen was a very oldschool loki player and one of the leaders of the loki revolution into Moo. He hasnt been active in the clan for a long time but he was a well respected player (all sept the ever quest bit!) and i got intouch with him and he managed to dig up this from the loki webpage and more here. so have a dig through all this and read about how things use to be.

As most people already know, Loki is now dead. During its 16 months of life, Loki played a total of 55 wars and scrimmages, losing 8 matches overall, meaning we won or drew over 85% of our games. We played 101 maps during those 55 games using 12 different maps, these being 2fort5, 2fort5r, well6, wellgl1, bam4, bases, rock1, rock2, muskrat4, 2nuke2, blords2 and spit. The most disappointing aspect of Loki was that it never reached its full potential. We lost 8 games in total, mostly when we were fielding far from our best team. The AF game this year was probably the most frustrating, as we ended up having 8 of our best players unavailable, and we had to use people who had never played with us before etc. This is no excuse, of course, but it was always frustrating to lose to the top clans when we were at half strength. Probably the only game where we can say we were comprehensively outplayed was against FtB. We had been together for only a short time when we played them, and they hit us hard. We actually almost won 2fort5, but they gave us a solid hiding in well6. This was, however, a great experience for us, and we came back much stronger as a result.+
Loki kept a pretty low profile throughout most of its life, meaning that many of its players went unrecognised. Karl, co-founder of Loki, was probably the best TF player I have come across, yet most people would not have heard of him. He was just a total freak, both in TF and in life. It was big loss to Loki when he lost interest in TF and found sheep instead. Hetzer was a terrific hwguy, both in TF and in life, being the cornerstone of our TF2.8 well6 defence. Our well6 became impregnable when Hetz was sawin' and storin' the opposition. Victim, once coming in the top 3 in a British DM competition, is up there with the best soldiers in the country. After one clan game, he was accused of cheating by using super rockets or some such crap. Zel was once accused of having an 'impossible aim'.
Over the last 6 months, Loki had been in a decline. People were busy with school, work, life etc, and we just never were able to get together to practice. We'd go into games under-prepared or with too many players absent and end up having to use people in the wrong positions etc and we'd struggle to win. It was very fustrating. In the end, a number of people realised that things were not going to improve, so it was better to pull the plug than to let Loki slide even further down. Thanks to all the clans that Loki played, particularly Dad's Army for the many fun games we had. QG were probably the most inconsistent of all the clans, sometimes being totally pathetic, yet other times being extremely strong. FtB were probably the toughest clan that we played.
Thursday, December 31, 1998 - The year in review
Well, it has been a fun year. :-) We played over 40 clan games, encompassing 80 maps. We must have been one of the most active clans of the year, if not *the* most active. Playing games is what being in a clan is all about, so we certainly achieved one of Loki's major objectives of being active. For most of the year, we were playing at least one match a week. The enthusiasm at the beginning of the year was very impressive. We had mostly been isolated on Zip TF, unable to play on outside servers due to very bad pings. Once outside play was possible, we were very keen to see how we rated against the rest of the TF community. Many at Zip said everyone else was much better, but we were quietly confident that we would hold our own. This certainly proved to be the case.
Our first test against an outside clan was with TSD (The Shadows of Death). We knew very little about them but had heard from some people that they were good. This proved to be untrue. :-) The game didn't start until after midnight, which goes to show just how enthusiastic we all were at the start of the year. A start at that time would be unlikely to happen now. :-) In any case, we had an easy win which left us feeling pretty good, but we realised that they were not of the typical standard of outside clans. They disbanded right after our game. :-)
Our next big test came up against QG (Quivering Gibbage). They had a big name and we were very nervous about the game. We won the first map, 2fort5, which left us feeling pretty damn good. We then lost well6 in a close game, leaving us very worried as the deciding map was bam4, which we had never played before. After a tight game, we came home in the last few minutes to scrape in a win, giving us probably one of the biggest buzzes of the year. This game was the trigger for Karl to write the longest email I have ever seen from him, it must have taken him a week to write. :-) Our first game against XF (Extreme Force), then rated about #2 in the country, ended in a draw. We lost 2fort5 but then beat them closely in well6, although they almost capped right at the end to score a draw but the game finished before they could. This match taught us a great deal, especially about 2fort5. Our major lesson on well6 was still to come. :-) Later in the year we played XF a couple more times but we never managed to win a complete match against them, our best effort again being a 1-1 draw.
Not long after the XF game, we played FtB (Fade to Black), then considered the #1 clan. Our 2fort5 experience against XF helped us to draw with FtB, but had the game been a minute longer we probaby would have won. FtB then, however, gave us a demonstration on how to play well6, a game that we learnt a great deal from. Hezter-the-indestructible died on this map more times than he would like to remember. :-) FtB disbanded before we had a chance to play them again. Not long after that, we had a very disappointing loss to RiB (Ragin' Innumerable Buffaloes), where we were missing a number of key players and a number of people were playing with near-999 pings. We really wanted a rematch with these guys under better conditions, but they disbanded before we were able to do this.
Following the RiB game, we had a good run of wins, including our record score of 230-0 against SD (Sudden Death) on 2fort5. To their credit, SD didn't let themselves get demoralised by this, but put in the effort to become a much stronger clan.
In the middle of the year, we played our first game against D.A. (Dad's Army), and have since struck up a good friendship with these friendly geriatrics. :-) We have now had many a good fun game against them, and hope to continue this into 1999.
In the second half of the year, we won most of our games, except for some disappointing losses to CE (Clan Espionage) and PnP (Psychodelic Noxious Pugnacity), at times when we were not at full strength. :-( The CE game was never actually finished, as we only played one map of the planned two, but it looks like we will have to consider that match as being finished now. The PnP game was probably the most spiteful game we have been involved in, with a lot of arguing and bitching going on. This was one of the early OZTFL Season 2 games, and this loss was the reason why we ended up in Division 2. :-( We hope to play PnP again in 1999, but hopefully next time around the game will be played in better spirits.
Other than the loss to PnP, we have won all our other OZTFL games. This has now resulted in our being promoted to Division 1, although we were given only half of our Division 2 points, meaning we went straight to second last place in Division 1. :-( Our next OZTFL game is going to be against TE, to be played some time in the new year.
Speaking of TE, we played them once in a friendly game in 1998 and lost. This game was originally planned to be played on Zip, but due to Telstra problems, most of TE were getting 999 pings. We then switched to the TE server and played well6. Unfortunately, we didn't realise until we were in the game that it was TF2.9, which totally screwed our defence due to the changes to the hwguy. Unfortunately, we never got to play them on TF2.8, and now probably never will. We'll have to come up with a revised defence strategy for TF2.9 before we meet them again. OTFCR proved to be very popular in 1998, but we often found it hard to find clans that would agree to play us for OTFCR points. We finished the year in 5th position, behind TE, BL, PnP and XF. TE were well deserved leaders, finishing the year indefeated.