My first ever clan was ICBM, a Zip (now Pacific Internet) based clan. We never really got many games going, a few DM and one TF against MDT! (which we lost, boooo). 'Twas a great group of blokes and I did not wish to leave, but as we never played any clan games I eventually left to join l0ki after months of pestering from Fenrir. :)

Somewhere in between I played for MM (Metal Militia) as well, but that didn't last long. That was actually a remarkable skilled team, with the likes of PhantomLord, LeperMessiah and GI Joe. I think it fell apart coz we never really did get it together, which sucked seeing as everyone knew we should've been capable of much more.

Joining l0ki was way cool. :) Finally, lots of games to play, and a good team to play with. At the time l0ki consisted of: Fenrir, Victim, Karl, Milamber, Strafe, Shilka, Hetzer, Beer, Mic, RJ & Proto. Zel (also from ICBM) joined with me. Along the way we picked up Immy, AstroBoy & his brother MrABC.

Initially we won lotsa matches n stuff and everything was cool but after a few months a few members found themselves having to spend more time with real life matters and we found ourselves stagnating with a seeming lack of interest/time from a few members.

The remaining active members decided that it would be best for us to form a new clan. Moo. It was to be a clan of zero BS, active members only, no dickheads. Don't get me wrong though, we're not a "professional clan", we don't train or enforce any rules, we were just a bunch of cows who just wanted some good games.

We struggled initially due to lack of numbers, even after a number of recruits. The first and by far the best member we ever picked up was [NVG]ClownBoy. A number of recruits followed which were mistakes. :) They were promptly booted - never for lack of skill though - just enforcing the no dickheads rule.

About half the clan left for EverQuest (drugs r bad mmkay) shortly after Moo was formed - including Vix, Fenrir, Hetzer & Tetsuo.

Rocco played a few games for us, though never became a full time Cow. He was however part of the kickarse TFLannage team present in Dec '99. Up until TFL we were struggling a bit, trying to sort out our Defensive and Offensive strats. TFL helped us heaps - the ease of communication afforded by a LAN situation let us try out a lot of things.

Out of TFL came the 4 man Moo D, something which we still do today. Can't remember when, but somewhere along the line we decided that we were never going to play to "not lose". ie we would rather play a 4 man D and lose than play a boring 5 man D lockdown game. TFL gave us an excellent opportunity to practise our formation.

After TFL we remained dominant for several months with the same 8 (we only had 8) showing for every game. Midway through 2000 we decided to call it quits due to waning interest by a number of members. In our final game against FV we drew(!!) 32smooth 0-0 and won well6 40-0.

The Moo 8: Kamikaze (now CS git :), Weq (inactive?), ClownBoy, Cabz (now Reaver), BeeR, DarkmanE, Goo & Shivan.

In October 2000 there was renewed interest shown by a number of members and we decided to reform for a game against SF. Moo QWTF was quickly disbanded again soon after though, when we were again reminded how lame a number of of the AU QWTF community were (not SF, but some other clans we attempted to organise games with).

We decided to move to Q3F which at the time was still developing, and with the release of Beta 1G many members became active Q3Fers. We recruited SLA_YER (of XF QWTF fame), an excellent soldier and all round good bloke. :)

Nevamind, Tones and Drizz all played a few games for us as well, but have left to join their own migrating QWTF clans.

We won the inaugural season of the AQU in a tightly fought final against CF, winning by only 2 caps to nil over 2 rounds of 2Forts.

Shilka, one of the original l0ki & Moo members, moved to the US in early 2000 and is now in the process of establishing a US Moo herd. :)