I'm the fucking poor cunt everyone forgets in their MOO history writeup.

Get Kamikaze and his rank feet a good mention. Get everyone's fucking man and his dog a mention, but leave me out. Pah!

Ex moo, former k0w[] and part of the elite herd known as "Cows with Guns", I'm kinda new to the whole thing.

Played TF since the Old OLD ZipTF days, when ICBM and MDT were the big guns. Didn't really play much, but still having fun. Few months before TFL I had a tryout with MOO, was more or less signed up on an internship with the herd, but the scholarship never got anywhere. Dropped out after one game. Got a few games with them @ TFL and then started filling in whenever cabzy or someone was away.

In between MOO (first iteration) and MOO (second iteration), I was lucky enough to get a few decent players playing in a group called k0w[]. Not really MOO, but trying to keep the same principles of having fun without being dickheads, we more or less succeeded in absolutely owning ZipTF (the resurrected one) before the dudes at PacificInternet pulled the plug. I think this is where I got my skills to a level which was good enough to get my sorry ass back into MOO.

I make a good enough impersonation as a soldier or something, but my true role in MOO is the serve drinks in between rounds. I'm honoured to have such a prestigious position within the clan.

Stoked to be a part of this top level side, and I hope to stay in it for a while longer. Unless more of you fags forget about me in their writeups. Bah! :)