In September 1997 my team leader from work, who I had been playing Doom2 DM with for months, mentioned that he had found a great game on the net. On that recommendation alone I signed on to the same ISP he used and started playing this weird new game.
Sure enough the game was TF 2.6. We were both total newbies but had so much fun we began planning a clan of our own. Clan Skorpion never made it past the planning stages though because at the same time Loki was formed by Karl and Mil. My boss joined, changing his name from 'Bob Hawke' to Fenrir.
At the same time I was accepted into 'Clan?' but after seeing the way an average clan was run, and having heard how things were going in Loki, I immediately wanted into Loki.
Lucky for me I was accepted (even without a trial) before ever playing a game for '?'.
The difference was astounding. Straight away we started practicing and developing strategies that we put to good use in regular clan games.
Loki lived longer than most clans but after a good stretch (of 16 months, during which we played almost every single weekend, including many LANS, culminating in victory at SGL in March 1999) a few Loki members agreed that the only way to improve further was to have a change of clan. Moo was formed with a minor change in personnel and philosophy that had exactly the effect we wanted.

Roles in Moo stayed the same as they had been in Loki. I was an attacker with RJ (when he could drag his bubbly butt away from DM phelching), Fen attacked on Well6 and defended on Forts, Vix returned to defence after deciding attack was too stressful, and Beer did well on both D and A. Darkmane was our pro spammer on D and O and Goo made a great Engy.

The beauty of the Moo players was that everyone could play a number of roles. Many times we would arrive at a server with a minute before game time and everyone would know what they were doing. Without a word people would take up their positions and each knew that the others would do their best to support the team. No tantrums, no childish behaviour, no prima donnas. It's rare to find even a few people with this sort of team attitude, yet we had eight.

One game that comes to mind was a late night scrim against JFK on 2Fort5. By midnight only 5 people per team were left but when the game started everyone knew exactly what to do and didn't screw around. The game started and despite being down a player we went to an immediate lead. We had people from D on O and vice versa yet still teamwork paid off.

JFK were visibly annoyed that they couldn't beat us even with a numerical advantage but the reason was obvious. While our attackers would form up in the shadows of the enemy base before going in, their attackers went in alone. While our defenders supported each other and rotated positions to resupply, JFK defenders didn't cover blind spots and our scouts got through (eventually).

Now that I'm here in the USA I've been playing Q3F quite a bit but the skill levels are very different since the ol' QWTF days. People don't seem to have made the move from QWTF so the experience has stayed away in droves. As a result it hasn't been easy to find new recruits up to the Moo standard. I'm keen to get a team running here with the same attitudes toward teamplay that Moo always had but perhaps some alternative recruiting methods will be required.