*** 1998 Loki News***

Maintained by Fenrir

Thursday, December 31, 1998 - The year in review

Well, it has been a fun year. :-) We played over 40 clan games, encompassing 80 maps. We must have been one of the most active clans of the year, if not *the* most active. Playing games is what being in a clan is all about, so we certainly achieved one of Loki's major objectives of being active. For most of the year, we were playing at least one match a week.

The enthusiasm at the beginning of the year was very impressive. We had mostly been isolated on Zip TF, unable to play on outside servers due to very bad pings. Once outside play was possible, we were very keen to see how we rated against the rest of the TF community. Many at Zip said everyone else was much better, but we were quietly confident that we would hold our own. This certainly proved to be the case.

Our first test against an outside clan was with TSD (The Shadows of Death). We knew very little about them but had heard from some people that they were good. This proved to be untrue. :-) The game didn't start until after midnight, which goes to show just how enthusiastic we all were at the start of the year. A start at that time would be unlikely to happen now. :-) In any case, we had an easy win which left us feeling pretty good, but we realised that they were not of the typical standard of outside clans. They disbanded right after our game. :-)

Our next big test came up against QG (Quivering Gibbage). They had a big name and we were very nervous about the game. We won the first map, 2fort5, which left us feeling pretty damn good. We then lost well6 in a close game, leaving us very worried as the deciding map was bam4, which we had never played before. After a tight game, we came home in the last few minutes to scrape in a win, giving us probably one of the biggest buzzes of the year. This game was the trigger for Karl to write the longest email I have ever seen from him, it must have taken him a week to write. :-)

Our first game against XF (Extreme Force), then rated about #2 in the country, ended in a draw. We lost 2fort5 but then beat them closely in well6, although they almost capped right at the end to score a draw but the game finished before they could. This match taught us a great deal, especially about 2fort5. Our major lesson on well6 was still to come. :-) Later in the year we played XF a couple more times but we never managed to win a complete match against them, our best effort again being a 1-1 draw.

Not long after the XF game, we played FtB (Fade to Black), then considered the #1 clan. Our 2fort5 experience against XF helped us to draw with FtB, but had the game been a minute longer we probaby would have won. FtB then, however, gave us a demonstration on how to play well6, a game that we learnt a great deal from. Hezter-the-indestructible died on this map more times than he would like to remember. :-) FtB disbanded before we had a chance to play them again.

Not long after that, we had a very disappointing loss to RiB (Ragin' Innumerable Buffaloes), where we were missing a number of key players and a number of people were playing with near-999 pings. We really wanted a rematch with these guys under better conditions, but they disbanded before we were able to do this.

Following the RiB game, we had a good run of wins, including our record score of 230-0 against SD (Sudden Death) on 2fort5. To their credit, SD didn't let themselves get demoralised by this, but put in the effort to become a much stronger clan.

In the middle of the year, we played our first game against D.A. (Dad's Army), and have since struck up a good friendship with these friendly geriatrics. :-) We have now had many a good fun game against them, and hope to continue this into 1999.

In the second half of the year, we won most of our games, except for some disappointing losses to CE (Clan Espionage) and PnP (Psychodelic Noxious Pugnacity), at times when we were not at full strength. :-( The CE game was never actually finished, as we only played one map of the planned two, but it looks like we will have to consider that match as being finished now. The PnP game was probably the most spiteful game we have been involved in, with a lot of arguing and bitching going on. This was one of the early OZTFL Season 2 games, and this loss was the reason why we ended up in Division 2. :-( We hope to play PnP again in 1999, but hopefully next time around the game will be played in better spirits.

Other than the loss to PnP, we have won all our other OZTFL games. This has now resulted in our being promoted to Division 1, although we were given only half of our Division 2 points, meaning we went straight to second last place in Division 1. :-( Our next OZTFL game is going to be against TE, to be played some time in the new year.

Speaking of TE, we played them once in a friendly game in 1998 and lost. This game was originally planned to be played on Zip, but due to Telstra problems, most of TE were getting 999 pings. We then switched to the TE server and played well6. Unfortunately, we didn't realise until we were in the game that it was TF2.9, which totally screwed our defence due to the changes to the hwguy. Unfortunately, we never got to play them on TF2.8, and now probably never will. We'll have to come up with a revised defence strategy for TF2.9 before we meet them again.

OTFCR proved to be very popular in 1998, but we often found it hard to find clans that would agree to play us for OTFCR points. We finished the year in 5th position, behind TE, BL, PnP and XF. TE were well deserved leaders, finishing the year indefeated.

Sunday, December 20, 1998 - Loki takes on the world on Zip TF

For a bit of fun, Loki staged a "Loki versus all comers" game on the ZipWorld TF server tonight. Thanks to all those who attended, it was a fun evening. The turnout at the start was pretty good, but it did tend to fade off a bit towards to the end.

Saturday, December 19, 1998 - [Loki] Tetsuo gets mugged :-(

A gang of 5 bastards mugged Tetsuo while he was in the city (Sydney) during the week. Despite being punched in the face, Tets is OK, but somewhat poorer and shaken by the ordeal. All the best, mate. If the police catch them, let us know and we'll send Hetzer around to take care of them. :-)

Friday, December 18, 1998 - Loki moves up to OZTFL Division 1

Loki has now been moved up to the premier division of OZTFL, where we should have been from the start! Unfortunately our third round division 2 victory against Quivering Gibbage won't count, and we now have to play the third round in the premier division. Our points score in division 1 was calculated by halving our division 2 points, putting us in second last place. :-( We've now got some work to do from there. :-)

Monday, December 14, 1998 - Loki recruits a new member

Welcome to [Loki] Atlas, our newest member. He was formerly know as [C?] Astro-Boy!! and is a fellow Zip user. We also know him well from the deathnet LANs, so he should fit right in. :)

Sunday, December 6, 1998 - OZTFL win over Quivering Gibbage

We had a good win over Quivering Gibbage in our latest OZTFL game. 10-0 in bam4 and 60-10 in well6. We were probably a bit lucky in bam4 as we capped when one or two QG players had dropped but we will take the win anyway. :-) Well6 was more convincing but it was still a tough game. QG are a nice bunch of blokes too, thanks for the game. This game also means we overtake Black Lung on the OTFCR ladders, so that is a good thing. :-) I think it's time we played BL again!

Sunday, November 29, 1998 - D.A. gives Loki a major scare in 2fort5 :-)

Our practice scrimmage against Dad's Army was a great game. We got a huge fright in 2fort5, however, when we found ourselves down 20-0! We eventually got it to 30-30 and then managed to scrape out a 50-30 win. Great game, D.A., your attack in particular did a great job. If the game had been the usual 30 minutes we would have lost. :-) Wellgl1 was a lot more in our favour, where we had a 150-20 win. Thanks D.A. for the game and server!

Saturday, November 28, 1998 - More scrims

We had a game planned againt The War Crew last night but we were not able to make the numbers so it was postponed. :-( In the end, we had a bit of a practice scrim against them using about 4 Loki players. Apologies to WC for our poor turnout.

Tomorrow, however, we should be able to get a full team together for a practice scrimmage against Dad's Army. This will be played on the D.A. server and should hopefully give us some much needed practice.

Wednesday, November 25, 1998 - Scrim against Archane Warriors

We just had a practice scrim against Archane Warriors, playing maps 2fort5 and well6. 2fort5 was close at 10-10, but we won 80-0 in well6. We were struggling to get enough players though and ended up having to use [D.A.] Goose in our team. Thanks Goose. :-) Thanks to AW for the game, but no thanks to all the Lokis who didn't turn up! :-)

And for an irrelevant picture, here is one that Shilka took of his fish rockets. :-)

Sunday, November 22, 1998 - Latest Loki LAN day a success

The latest DeathNet LAN day was well attended by Lokis yesterday at Sylvania. Attending were Hetzer, Fenrir, Shilka, Grimm, Karl, Mil and rj. The TF server was dominated by Lokis, but the Half Life server also proved to be very popular. Thanks to the DeathNet organisers (including Hetzer) for the event.

In other news, Strafe had decided that Loki is no longer the right clan for him and has moved to clan TH. All the best to TH.

Saturday, November 14, 1998 - Loki's next OZTFL match cancelled due to death of JFK!

Our planned OZTFL game for this Sunday against Just Fu*king Krazy has been cancelled because JFK have decided to call it a day. Why couldn't they have waited until after we played them! :-) All the best to clan Rocket Jockies which has formed out of the ashes of JFK.

Sunday, November 8, 1998 - Loki beats Fang

We just played Fang and came out victorious in both maps (30-0 in 2fort5, 90-20 in well6). We had their flag in our base in 2fort5 when the game ended, so it was almost 40-0! Congrats to Fang on a good match, and for getting a couple of good caps at the end of well6.

Saturday, November 7, 1998 - Loki gives Astro-Boy the finger. :-)

We played Total Carnage last night for both OZTFL and OTFCR points and had a good win in both well6 (110-0) and 2fort5 (100-0). This was a particularly pleasing result for us as TC is the clan of OZTFL organiser Astro-Boy, who thought that we should be in the Second Division and not the Premier Division. This match was our revenge for this decision. :-)

Tomorrow night at 8:30pm we play Fang, who keep telling us that we are going down in this game. We hope to prove them wrong. :-) Rumours have it that Karl will be leaving his dungeon for the evening just so he can make a special appearance for us.

Thursday, November 5, 1998 - Please note, Loki is NOT recruiting

Thanks to all those people who have been offering their services to us, but Loki is full and cannot accept any new members. As much as we'd love to trial some new people, we have enough players already and cannot take anyone else. Sorry. :-(

Also, we have a few games coming up shortly. Friday night at 10pm we play Total Carnage for OZTFL and OTFCR points, then on Sunday at 8:30pm we play Fang for OTFCR points. On Sunday week at 8:30pm we play Just Fu*king Krazy for OZTFL and OTFCR points.

Monday, November 2, 1998 - Loki finally wins a match :-)

Our first game in OZTFL's Second Division (sniff) against Gibbed Beyond Recognition was a success. 2fort5 was a very defence dominated game and ended up in a 0-0 result. Well6 was much better for us, where we won 90-0. It might have been more except Zel timed out when he had the flag at one point!

We play Total Carnage in our next OZTFL game but no date has been arranged yet. We also have an OTFCR game against The War Crew on Friday 27th November at 8:30pm, playing maps 2fort5 and well6. This may get changed to the Sunday. Archane Warriors are also looking for a scrimmage on November 25, but this match has not been confirmed yet.

Sunday, November 1, 1998 - Another bad Loki game

Loki's dismal performances continue.

We had an OTFCR game against Black Lung last night and only managed to come away with a draw. We lost 2fort5 10-0, but came back to win well6 30-0. It was a 6 v 6 game, which is certainly a bit different. :-)

In 2fort5, our attack just basicly performed badly. We could have done a whole heap better, and probably used the wrong people in the wrong positions. Yet again! BL played well, there is no taking that away from them, they are a good clan with good skill and co-ordination. They even had great pings. :) Goo reckons though that they were the worst bridge spammers he had ever seen!

We will meet again, BL, when we've got our act back together. Then watch out. :-)

Monday, October 26, 1998 - Loki fails to make the OZTFL Premier Division

After our dismal OZTFL round 3 match against Psychodelic Noxious Pugnacity, we ended up in the Second Division. :-( Even though we finished second in our pool, our capture percentage wasn't that great and, along with Gibbed Beyond Recognition, we were put into the Second Division to make two divisions of 8 instead of one of 10 and one of 6. We will never forgive Astro-Boy for this. :-)

Our first map in the Second Division is against GBR. This has been scheduled for this Sunday at 9pm, maps still to be decided. Let's hope we put up a better showing this game, but we still haven't had a decent practice session in months. GBR have quite a few lpbers too, so we will have to be careful.

We have also been challenged by Black Lung, who are currently third on the OTFCR ladder (they were second but Extreme Force just overtook them with a win over Clan Espionage). This game has been put down for late on Saturday night, 2fort5 and well6, exact time to be determined.

OTFCR are holding a tournament over this coming weekend but it looks like we won't be able to participate as the first game is on Friday and we are probably unable to get a team together for this.

Monday, October 18, 1998 - Loki loses to PnP

Our OZTFL round 3 match against Psychodelic Noxious Pugnacity last night turned out to be a bit of a disaster. :( The game was planned to be at 8:30pm, but when this time came there was no word from PnP. We waited but still nothing. Eventually someone noticed that PnP were busily playing Quivering Gibbage! We were not impressed. :) Eventually the game finished and PnP said they were ready. Then the trouble began! The server they had provided turned out to be TF2.9beta. This had never been agreed to, and we were certainly not going to play on this, due largely to the changes to the hwguy. A flame war then erupted, with both sides getting into it. Bloody kids. :)

We offered the Zip server again, but PnP refused once more to play on it. They said they would get another one, which eventually they did. TF2.8 this time. :) The settings were a little screwy, however, so we asked for them to be changed, which they subsequently were. PnP thought we were being a bit picky though. :) By this time it was after 9:30pm, over an hour after the planned start, and Grimm had to leave. Goo in particular found that he was heavily lagged, often seeing his rockets hanging in the air. Fortunately only a few people were affected by the lag problems. On top of Grimm's absence and Goo's lag, Victim was still in Taiwan so we had to do some pretty major defence reorganisation.

In the end, we didn't play well and lost both maps (bam4 and well6). We have lots of excuses - missing players, lag, people in unfamiliar positions, no proper practice in months etc but the bottom line is that PnP simply played much better on the night and deserved their win. Congratulations to PnP. Next game, turn up on time please! :-) And let's try to keep the tempers in check in future, OK?

Sunday, October 18, 1998 - Impromptu game against Total Darkness

We were invited to play in an impromptu scrimmage against Total Darkness last night. We only had a handful of Lokis online, so we asked our good mates at Dad's Army to see if they wanted to play with us. They were keen, so Morgana, Goose, Havok started off in the game, with Milkman and Ben Grimm hanging around to sub in when required. We played 3 maps in all, 2fort5r, bam4 and rock1. The combined Loki/D.A. force won all three maps, with rock1 being an interesting map as at one point we were down to 3 people!

Tuesday, October 13, 1998

Our OZTFL round 3 match against Psychodelic Noxious Pugnacity has been set for this Sunday at 8:30pm on the Zip clan server, bam4 and well6.

Sunday, October 11, 1998

Our game against Third Eye did not go ahead. :( When the TE players turned up to the server, most found they had 999 pings and huge packet loss. Investigations revealed that there were problems with Telstra somewhere along the way, and there was nothing we could do about it. This was a major disappointment as everyone had been looking forward to the game for weeks.

No date has been determined yet for a possible rematch.

Saturday, October 10, 1998

Unfortunately for us, Victim has to fly to Taiwan for business reasons just hours before the game against Third Eye. As Vic forms a critical part of our defensive line-up, this weakens us badly. Many have called for Vic's head over this. :) Nevertheless, we will try to do our best against TE and hope to at least give them a good battle.

Former ICBM member, Paranormal, has suggested a game between us and his new clan, Legion of the Damned. Paranormal was once invited to join Loki, along with other ex-ICBM members Goo and Zel. Para, however, had moved to Western Australia and decided to join a local clan. LD are in OZTFL and so far have won their only match, against Dad's Army. They are not yet on OTFCR but we hope that they will be before we play them.

Sunday, October 5, 1998

Our first OZTFL match against Quivering Gibbage was a success. 2fort5 was very intense and we were lucky to get a cap and win. Well6 was a bit more our way, but it was still a tough battle. Our battles page will contain a full match report soon. Thanks to QG for a great match.

We have a bye in the next round, but we play Third Eye next Sunday for OTFCR points and we know how tough that game will be!

Thursday, October 1, 1998

OZTFL Season 2 has now got underway and we have been drawn to play Quivering Gibbage in the opening match. A game has been organised for Sunday night, but this is still not %100 confirmed. We will be playing 2fort5 and well6.

Wednesday, September 30, 1998

After our aborted game against Sudden Death, we were keen to play them and they were keen to play us. They advised that a few of them were going away and that we would have to play them immediately or wait a few weeks. A game for Tuesday night was quickly arranged. The server was unblocked this time and the game went ahead. I think everyone enjoyed the game and SD gave us a much better game this time around. Full details are available on our battles page. Congratulations to SD for improving so dramatically since we played them before.

And now that today is the last day of the month, we will probably see Zel again tomorrow, complete with a new month's worth of hours. :)

Sunday, September 27, 1998

A game against new clan Thor was organised for last night at fairly short notice. Fortunately we were able to scape together enough players, but no server was organised in time. This meant hopping onto an empty public server for the game, which actually worked well and we were able to complete the match.

Tonight, we were supposed to have played Sudden Death, but the Zip clan server was blocked to external people so they couldn't get on. :( The game will have to be rescheduled for another time now.

Saturday, September 26, 1998

A few things have been happening recently. We had a friendly practice scrimmage against Dad's Army on Wednesday night, played on Quicknet. The server was surprisingly laggy for everyone, but it was still a good game, giving both sides a chance to try things out. We played 2fort5 and bam4. Mil, clan co-creator, put his brother Meza in the game for a trial, and we are still discussing if we already have too many people and whether we should take him or not! Some agree, some don't, so we'll just have to wait and see what happens. Thanks to Havok for providing the Quicknet server (which D.A. have to pay for).

We have signed up for OZTFL Season 2, and it will be interesting to see how that turns out. Some clans are boycotting it because they don't think it will work. As for us, we just want to play regular games, and this league should definitely give us that.

Our next scheduled game is against Sudden Death, to be played at 9pm tomorrow on the Zip clan server. These guys were very inexperienced when we played them before, but they have improved a lot since then so it should be a much tougher game.

Sunday, September 20, 1998

We just finished a practice game against Just Fucking Krazy that went in our favour. It was a good game, except for some mutual spamming accusations. :) Thanks to JFK for the game and Kevster for his good server!

Friday, September 18, 1998

After Armoured Fist said it would be doubtful that they could play us this Sunday, The War Crew agreed to a game. Unfortunately they then came back and said that they couldn't make it after all, but Just Fucking Krazy then came to the party. Due to their exam commitments, they wanted to play earlier than we could make it, so we agreed to play a 1 map fun game for no OTFCR points. It will be bam4 on Kevster's server.

Sunday, September 13, 1998

Damn, Clan Chemical Warfare have just pulled out on us, :-( Another wasted night. We are getting extremely sick of clans backing out at the last minute. Shilka had organised this game a long time ago too, but that was obviously no help. :( Having just read The War Crew page, it looks like we are not the only clan to have this happen to us.

7th September, 1998
The WarCrew had a war scheduled with CCW yesterday afternoon (Sunday), however CCW failed to show. Upon investigation they claimed they thought the match had been called off. The WarCrew is mystified by their response. We have a clear and well publicised chain of command, and none of the admin's talked to CCW except Pantera. He certainly didn't cancel the match after working hard to prepare a server. Thanks go to all members for a good solid turnout, pity we didn't get to show CCW how TF is played.

Just as we were working out what we were going to do, we got an offer to play a group of NZ players. We were getting ready for this when they too backed out on us. :-( We then figured we'd just have a bit of practice, so went to the Zip clan server. Hetzer then told us that Third Eye were interested in a scrimmage so we agreed to that. Little did we know that it was on TF2.9 with team frags and weird settings. :) They had map checking on, so a few players had to quickly download the correct version of the map. Meanwhile, the game began! We had enough people, but the people downloading were the ones who were going to be playing. Oh well, we were totally disorganised, had 1 or 2 players too many for a little while, and basically had no idea who was doing what where! Hetzer found out that he didn't like TF2.9, as his assault cannon no longer did what it used to do. This kinda screwed up our defence pretty badly. Oh well. :) Third Eye certainly played extremely well, and we floundered under the strange conditions. :) Congratulations to Third Eye for a very well played map and well deserved victory.

We look forward to playing them in a full game on October 11.

Monday, September 7, 1998

We've accepted a challenge from Third Eye and are looking forward to our OTFCR match with them on Sunday October 11. We finally get to play the best clan in Australia. :-)

Sunday, September 6, 1998

We just finished playing a good game against Extreme Force. They got us in the first map (bam4) 20-0, but we came back strongly in well6 to win 50-0. It was a good fun game generally played in good spirits. They turned up about half an hour late though, but we forgive them for that. :) Oh, and I won't mention their pings. :) Thanks to XF for the game, it is good to see them back in action!

Saturday, September 5, 1998

We've just arranged a game against Extreme Force for this Sunday. XF are back in action after a layoff of a few months, and no doubt they are keen to prove that they are still one of the best clans in the country. We are playing for OTFCR points, and I expect that this will be a very tough battle against these low ping bastards. :-)

And the references that I have been making to Sudden Death should really have been to SWAT. They changed their name a little while ago and I didn't realise...sorry about that. :-)

Now, guess what? Immortal from Sudden Death has just told me that a couple of days ago they decided to dump the SWAT name and go back to being Sudden Death. Oh well! :)

Tuesday, September 1, 1998

Clan Espionage have just cancelled on us again, so no game against them this Sunday. :-(

Sunday, August 30, 1998

We just played Quivering Gibbage on Kevster's server with pretty good results. We won both bam4 and well6, but QG did get a few caps in both maps. Fortunately, we got lots more. :) Full details should be available on our battles page soon. Thanks to Kevster for the use of the server.

Thursday, August 27, 1998

A few things have been changed in relation to our upcoming games. Quivering Gibbage decided that they didn't want to play us, so we've used the free slot to finally play the last map of our battle with Clan Espionage. This game will happen on Sunday 6/9. We then found out that Shaolin had disbanded, giving us no game on Sunday 30/8. Quivering Gibbage agreed to play us on this day, as long as we didn't play for OTFCR points! We've also had brief discussions with Ragin' Innumerable Buffaloes in regard to a game, but nothing has been agreed upon yet. This gives our current future games as follows:

Sunday, August 30, 1998 Quivering Gibbage
Sunday, September 6, 1998 Clan Espionage
Sunday, September 13, 1998 Clan Chemical Warfare
Sunday, September 20, 1998 Armoured Fist
Sunday, September 27, 1998 Sudden Death
Sunday, August 23, 1998

In the early hours of this morning, we managed to get a 5 on 5 game against Just Fucking Krazy, kind of as a replacement for the proper match we had missed out on playing. They apologised profusely for cancelling on us just hours before the game, so we eventually forgave them. :-) It was a 2fort5 fun game that started at about 12:45am. I think it ended up at around 100-10 to Loki, but no OTFCR points for it, damn! :) Thanks to Kev for the server!

And, yes, Z has been kicked out of Loki. Many people have asked us why we didn't do it a long time ago. :-) We have been asking ourselves that question for a while too! In any case, he is now gone.

An OTFCR game against Fang was played on One.Net tonight. It was very laggy and Fang were missing a player for a lot of the game. It was a good game though, with Loki coming out the winners. Speedstats available on the Loki Speedstats page

Saturday, August 22, 1998

*** NEWS FLASH ***

Z has just been kicked out of Loki

The Zip Clan server has fallen over with a dead hard disk. This means that we will not be playing our games this weekend on Zip. The Just Fucking Krazy game tonight will be played on jFk's server (Kevster's -, and the Fang game on Sunday is going to be played on One.Net (, which unfortunately has a reputation of being a bit laggy.

Clan Espionage have pulled out of the game on the 29th, citing recent losses to their team as the reason. I don't know when we will be able to play them now, as we have so many games lined up for the future. The current list of scheduled games is Just Fucking Krazy on Saturday 22/8, Fang on Sunday 23rd, Shaolin on Sunday 30/8, Quivering Gibbage on Sunday 6/9, Clan Chemical Warfare on Sunday 13/9, Armoured Fist on Sunday 20/9 and Sudden Death on Sunday 27/9. We've been challenged by Ragin' Innumerable Buffaloes, but we just have to find a vacant slot to play them. We've also challenged Third Eye but have had no response from them. These games will probably have to be played in October.

The Just Fucking Krazy game has just been cancelled. :-( "Major events" were cited as the reason. It was too late to organise an earlier time for today when they might have been able to play, and we are unable to play them tomorrow as we are playing Fang then. It may now be a while before we can get to play them.

Thursday, August 20, 1998

KaiZen has left Loki to join Clan Espionage. Good luck, Kai, hopefully you'll settle in with them more easily. This does NOT mean that there are vacancies in Loki, so please don't ask! :)

Sunday, August 16, 1998

Well, the game against Elite Squad was a total waste of everyone's time. :-( The ES people turned up very late and when they did turn up, there was only only a few of them. We played both maps but it was really quite ridiculous. It was supposed to have been for OTCFR points, so I don't know what is going to happen with that. Oh well, hopefully our games next week will go a bit better.

Sunday, August 9, 1998

We had a fun game against Hell's Assassins tonight. They only had 6 players initially, so Groovy from FES played with them as well as one Loki player. At one stage, due to player dropouts, the HA side consisted of three HA players, Groovy, and four Loki players. :-) Fortunately we had a great turnout of Loki players tonight, so we could lend them plenty of players.

Saturday, August 8, 1998

Quite a few new games have been arranged. Lots of games coming up now! We have Hell's Assassins in a friendly game tomorrow, Elite Squad on Sunday 16/8, Just Fucking Krazy on Saturday 22/8, Fang on Sunday 23rd, Clan Espionage on Saturday 29/8, Shaolin on Sunday 30/8, Quivering Gibbage on Sunday 6/9, Clan Chemical Warfare on Sunday 13/9, and hopefully Armoured Fist on Sunday 20/9.

Sunday, August 2, 1998

Our first "official" game (ie for OTFCR points) was played against Dad's Army today. Unfortunately for D.A. they had a few people with bad connections and suffered a bit with some bad pings and dropouts. It was a good game, though, especially 2fort5 which was pretty intense. Scores in the battles page. Thanks to D.A. for another game, played as usual in good spirits.

Saturday, August 1, 1998

So far we have a few games lined up for this month. Dad's Army on Sunday 2/8/98, Elite Squad on Sunday 16/8, Just Fucking Krazy on Saturday 22/8, and Clan Espionage on Saturday 29/8. The game against DA had been organised by Shilka and then subsequently forgotten by him as well. :-) Being a Sunday night, we should be able to get a game happening, even though it is at such short notice for most people!

And welcome to ex-ICBMers Goo and Zel, now Probationary Lokis. It is nice to have you guys on our side after being our arch rivals for so long. :-) I am sure you will like being in a clan that plays more than one match a year! :-)

Bon voyage to Vic yet again, who flies out to London today for two weeks to do whatever it is that he is sent there to do. As Vic is a critical part of our defensive line up, the next two weeks will be a good time for clans to play us. :-)

D4C asked us during the evening if we would like to have a game, as they had one organised but their opponents didn't show. We managed to find enough players, which was a surprise in itself, and headed off to the server for a fun muckaround game. Most people were playing in different positions from normal, and we started off with 6 while they had 8. It's no surprise that they got a few caps in during this time. :-) It was a pretty laggy server, with people dropping a lot, and the server even crashed at one point. There were no backpacks on the server but heaps of grens, so there was spam galore. This lagged things even more. Zel played with us for the first time, having no idea what our general tactics were. :-) Nevertheless, once we managed to get 8 people playing at once, the game was fairly even. D4C had a number of lpbers too, which are never easy to get past! We never got to play bam4 as too many people's computers crashed after the 2fort5 game. We will arrange for a proper match with D4C sometime soon, but not on that server. :-)

Thursday, July 30, 1998

It seems that the death of ICBM TF has finally been confirmed. We knew this a long time ago, but only now have ICBM managed to accept this themselves. :-) Apparently most of the clan are now inactive, leaving only Goo, Zel and Paranormal still keen to play. It looks like Paranormal has joined a clan in WA, where he can go to local LAN and pub meetings, in between importing pepper sprays. :-) This leaves Zel and Goo without a clan, but they could be Probationary Lokis very soon. :-) They are both very good players, and would make excellent additions to Loki, especially now that a few of our current members seem to be otherwise occupied a lot of the time.

Wednesday, July 29, 1998

It looks like we won't be able to play Clan Espionage this weekend. They can't make Sunday, and we won't be able to get enough people for a game on Friday or Saturday. Don't other people go out on these nights too? Bloody wives want lives! :-)

We did have a practice session organised on Kabs for tonight, having booked the server through [CE] Nemesis. Unfortunately, when the time came to get onto it, we were told that someone else had the server booked so we missed out. :-( Another missed practice session.

Monday, July 27, 1998

We played The War Crew last night, full details on the battles page. Unfortunately WC suffered from a couple of dropouts in 2fort5, making things difficult for them. We had another server crash, and on top of that a number of people's computers crashed after a map restart, eventually resulting in well6 not being played properly. We mucked around, but there were only a few WC players involved!

Saturday, July 25, 1998

Good luck to all Lokis participating in GibCon! This starts today and lasts all weekend.

The game against The War Crew has been rescheduled for tomorrow night, hopefully this time we will actually get to play them!

We are also trying to find a suitable time to finish the game against Clan Espionage. We played them in 2fort5 last week but the server died before we could play well6, which we hope to play as soon as possible. They can't make Sundays anymore, which is our best night, but we may be able to make a game with them next Friday or Saturday evening. Lokis usually go out on these nights though. :-)

And lastly, thanks to FES for an impromptu joint practice session last night, it was a lot of fun and gave our usual defensive team a good practice at attacking! :-)

Sunday, July 19, 1998

The game against Clan Espionage went ahead OK, as we were able to make the numbers no problem, even with Grimm and Mirage out of action with computer problems, and Karl busy at work, but it meant we were down many of our main attackers. The game was a good one, with CE being too good on the night. The server died with a couple of minutes to go, when CE were ahead 20-0. The wanted well6 postponed to a later date, which is yet to be finalised. Well played CE.

Saturday, July 18, 1998

Grimm and Mirage stuffed up their PCs at the LAN day today. :-( This potentially puts our game against Clan Espionage into jeopardy, but we still hope to be able to scrape a team together.

Wednesday, July 15, 1998

The game with Clan Espionage has been confirmed, to be played on Sunday at 9pm, maps 2fort5 and well6 (what a surprise!).

And welcome to Mirage, who has finished his probationary period and is now a full Loki.

Sunday, July 12, 1998

Thanks to DNA who agreed to a game at short notice to replace the game we had organised for tonight against The War Crew. Match results are available on our battles page.

Saturday, July 11, 1998

The War Crew have just pulled out of the game we had organised for Sunday. :-( This is the second time now that a proposed game with them has not gone ahead. Maybe one day we'll get to play them.

On a brighter note, Clan Espionage have agreed to a game with us. This looks likely to occur either next Wednesday or Sunday. These guys have played some strong games recently versus clans such as Third Eye and Armoured Fist, so they are going to be a very tough opposition. I hope we can get our act together for them. :-)

Camper has also arranged a game for us against Siege Platoon New Zealand (but they spell it Seige!). We had a quick tryout of their server and it seemed to be OK. It was a bit laggy at times, but generally seemed playable. Hopefully we can get a game happening in the next week or two.

Friday, July 10, 1998

Speedstats have now been done for the game against Dad's Army. These are available from the Loki Speedstats page. Grimm got 6 awards in 2fort5. :-)

Wednesday, July 8, 1998

We had another friendly game against Dad's Army which, despite some connection problems initially for a few people, was again another fun, good natured game. Thanks again for the game, D.A. Check out our battles page for more details.

And it was great to have Victim back playing with us again, finally home after a 3 week working trip to London. Leave us again Vic and you're sacked. :-)

Tuesday, July 7, 1998

Z has just got back from Hong Kong and has got straight into the speedstats for the game against CNE. Loki's speedstats are available from the Loki Speedstats page.

Monday, July 6, 1998

Shilka has arranged for another game with The War Crew, for this Sunday at 8:30pm. Hopefully this time the game will happen!

We also have a game this Wednesday against our old friends at Dad's Army. It's always nice to play such a friendly bunch of people. :-)

However, the proposed game against Sudden Death looks like it is going to be delayed. President from SD says he is going overseas soon so they will not be able to play us for a while. This is a shame as we were looking forward to taking on SD again!

Sunday, July 5, 1998

Proto has now been seen online two days in a row. This is indeed big news. :-)

Saturday, July 4, 1998

Tean from Sudden Death issued a challenge to us. No date has been agreed upon yet, but he suggested "in a few weeks". We'll certainly be looking forward to another game with SD!

Friday, July 3, 1998

Dr Chuck from PnP has agreed to a game, but says they won't be able to play us for a while though. Pity, I was hoping to get a game happening this month, as all our games scheduled are currently in August. Never mind, just let us know when!

Wednesday, July 1, 1998

Challenges have been made to clans DNA, D4C and PnP. DNA have lost some players and will get back to us when they have reorganised themselves, no response so far from D4C and PnP. Also, we have some planned games against D.A., HL, ES, ATF and CCW in the next couple of months. For more information on future games, check out our schedules page. For those who like LAN days, one is being held at the Sylvania Youth Centre on 19/7/98. Contact [Loki] Hetzer for more information.

Tuesday, June 30, 1998

Loki has been around for about 6 months now, so it's about time we had a Loki news page!

The first six months have been very busy.We've played games against ICBM, TSD, Dragon, QG, SDC, XF (twice), FtB, BIP, RiB, CCW, C?, 7, D.A. (twice), SD and CNE. We certainly didn't win every game, but our record has been pretty good. Hopefully we'll be just as busy over the next 6 months. For more information on the games we've played, take a look at our battles page.

Some Loki History

Loki was formed by Karl and Mil pretty much at the end of 1997/beginning of 1998. The clan they were in (modest) had become stale and tired, having played only one or two games in over a year. They wanted to create a TF clan that was fun and actually had regular games. The following is a list of the original members of Loki, all of whom came from Zip:

Player Former clan Former nick Comment
Karl Modest   Skinny TF God (now lost to the real world)
Mil Modest   Long haired bastard
Victim Modest   Grumpy bastard
Z Dragon   @#^%@!$# (now ex-Loki)
Fenrir Dragon Bob Hawke Ugly bastard
Hetzer Prodigy (hahahahaha)   Huge bastard
Proto Dragon   Mr Here-one-minute-gone-the-next
Grimm Modest   Footballer and teenage drinker
Strafe/SOS Modest   Father and son (now ex-Lokis)
Tetsuo Modest   Mr Golden Tonsils and assault victim
Mic Dragon   Spy extraordinaire
rj iCe jayman Quakeaholic (now inactive in TF)
Ruagh Modest Raven Former member now living in the UK

Since its inception, Loki has lost Ruagh who moved overseas (and never actually got to play a game with us) and we've also picked up the following members:

Player Former clan Former nick Comment
Shilka Clan ? Coolhandnd Motorbike hoon
Mirage Quivering Gibbage   Did someone say he looked like Nicole Kidman?
KaiZen Team 7 Ct Never quite fitted in to Loki (now ex-Loki)
Goo ICBM   Spammer extraordinaire
Zel ICBM   Talker extraordinaire
Astro-Boy!! Clan ?   Deathnet person

We're always looking for clans to play, so if you would like to play us, please let us know.

The Loki Council

When the clan was first formed, it was said that there would be no actual leader. As things turned out, however, everyone considered Karl to be the leader and looked to the self-appointed TF God himself for direction. Alas, Loki found that Karl was getting himself a life and was not around much anymore. He'd organise games, not turn up, leaving everyone wondering what was going on (it was Karl, though, so everyone forgave him). It was then decided to have a "council" of some of the older, most active members to try to keep things on an even keel. The original council members were Karl, Mil, Victim, Hetzer and Fenrir, but Karl has since been replaced by Shilka due to Karl's frequent absences. I don't know if Karl has been told of this yet... hahahahahahaha.

The council has gone by the wayside since Z got kicked out, as he was the main source of conflict and without him things have gone smoothly and there has been no need for a council. :-)