From the age of 1, Goo was going to be a cow. But where is his gun...?
Jballz was always adventurous, sky diving behind enemy lines n stuff
"i used to like in the school canteen ppl heating up 5c coins till like buring hot and rollnig acrooss floor till some year 7 picked it up.. and burnt himslef:)
    -- Clownboy, ur a stupid fuk head.
"at school we usta sit at the bottom of the top corts, and when a ball ran to our groupe we would all throw 2 day old bannans yogert, yo-go, la-snacks or just do big gollies on one spot then roll the ball in it and throw it back and watch em pick it up abnd realiase wat was on it"
    -- Darkmane showing us his flexability...
Dont worrie about ReaveR, he always gets farkin blue screens
Shivan has always been a swinger. You can catch him burning up the dance floor with moves like this often
weq, ur ded sexc

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