Cow Tipping
What Is Cow Tipping?
Cow Tipping is the practice of pushing a cow over while it is sleeping.This is particularly funny since cows are inherently clumsy and have a bad sense of balance. It is usually not advisable to attempt this since there's usually a bull hanging around the pasture. When it awakens, it is disorented and will MOO "until the cows come home." After a few minutes, it will try to stand up. Evantually it will be able to stand but it will still be confused. This would be the perfect time to Drive Cows Insane.

Tipping Tips
Cow tipping works best on a hill- Why not let gravity help you?
Make sure the creature you are tipping is indeed a COW- Bull tipping is not a good idea!
Choose a dark night- It will easier be to approach the cow.
Be quiet and check the wind direction- Approach your the cow against the wind so that it is harder for it to smell you. Find a place with few cows- This increases the chances that all of the cows will be sleeping. What NOT to do Do not wear heavy Medieval style armor (it makes it harder to run from the bulls...) It is not recommended that you fly an F-16 over the field to "Bomb those stupid cows." Unless you want to have a Barbeque to celebrate your first cow tipping, a flamethrower is not required to tip a cow.

Well these are all the tips i could find(HAHA!!! tips tipping yeh anyway), my own attempt to tip a cow was at a school camp and when we got to the cow we had woke it up so when we start pushing it it was like "WTF ARE U IDIOTS DOIN!?!?!?!" then it ran away after looking at us with a stupid look =/ so maybe with these tips you will have more luck then me